• The S4 is a 113° wide angle lens. The low profile design, tool free operation and rotatable lens allows for easy installation on any side of the hook bloc including in between the cheek plates.

  • • HD 1080p resolution
    • 113° viewing angle
    • Tool free rotatable lens. Install vertically on any face of the hook block
    • Omni directional audio sensor
    • Permanent neodymium magnets
    • Purpose built aluminium housing
    • Built in lanyard anchors
    • Low profile design
    • IP67 4
    • CE and FCC approved

  • • Height: 100mm (3.94 In)
    • Width: 75mm (2.95 In)
    • Depth: 69mm (2.72 In)
    • Weight: 1250g (2.76 Lbs)

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